fter many years pursuing happiness, inner peace and love. After failing, falling, and beating ourselves against visible and invisible walls, we realized that the answer to this treasure we have searched for and that many crave is a transformation that starts from the inside out.


As children we believed in a fantasy world, as grownups we still believe that our world can be better. In Unlimited World we unite to lead, teach and motivate a socio-cultural transformation where love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, trust, humbleness, unity, justice, truth and self-control are a benefit and a priority in our life.


Our vision is to create a socio-cultural change among all, to enjoy a better world. Through research, experts, world leaders, projects, conferences, books and people like all of us who have learned through experience, we aspire to fulfill our objective. Here we share information, events, seminars, creative projects, academic developments and media ventures to a motivating and courageous community that dares to believe that anything is possible.